The King & Bay Spring Summer 2022 Collection

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Set Design & Prop Styling by Mrinal Dhase.

Fashion Direction by Michael Truong | Clothing made by King & Bay Custom Clothing Inc. | Photography by PRCPTN Inc.  

Every year, King & Bay Custom Clothing releases a new Spring Summer collection, featuring some of the best fabrics for the season. This was their first year carrying custom golf attire, so I thought it'd be a fun idea to base the photoshoot concept around a summer party on a golf course. Starting early in the day with the blue sky backdrop, the party goes on through the day until the sun starts to set, transitioning to the pink sunset backdrop. Arguably, one of the best parts of summer is how late the light stays out, which is why the last backdrop is the moment where the sun has almost disappeared, and there's a nice, warm breeze in the air. It's almost nightfall, but there's no sign of the party ending. I wanted this photoshoot to capture feelings of leisure, recreation, summer sartorialism and the joy of dressing well.

Behind the Scenes

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