Charlotte's Room Logo Design

Logo Designed by Mrinal Dhase

Charlotte's Room is a fun, new bar at  212 King St W, Toronto that offers pool tables, arcade games and delicious food and drinks. When the team reached out to me to design a logo for them, they said they wanted a youthful, lively sign that would appeal to a female audience just as much as males, as pool bars are generally male-dominated spaces. They wanted a bright pink/magenta to be an accent colour throughout the bar and incorporated into the sign, and wanted the feel of old neon arcade & diner signs. This logo would be used for various print purposes, and would also be turned into a neon sign.


Initially, my ideas revolved around incorporating an 8-Ball into the logo, or something to do with pool as Charlotte's Room is mainly a pool bar. We tried out many different concepts before the team ultimately chose a simpler version that would be more open-ended.

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